What do you really want? We surveyed a large number of senior individuals about what the really want from an agency/recruiter. The overwhelming response; “Communication”.

My job as a Specialist Executive Recruiter is to really get to understand ‘your’ drivers. The things that make you tick and your motivations. I want to know the expectations you have of yourself, others and the company you want to work for. Right down to the bare bones and even the bits you might not really want to share – I cannot find your next big career move without an honest reflection from you first.

​From the start, communication with you is key. It ensures I am able to marry up your expectations with those of the company you ultimately choose to join. I’m not interested in what you ‘think’ I want to hear, if you want my expertise and services, I’m only interested in the ‘real’ you. I’ll find you the right job that you can really see a future in and one that will offer the stability, growth and longevity that you might desire if you are genuine about the things that make you tick (and the things that don’t). Frank and open communication and a clear understanding of who you are, what you want and honest appraisal is how I find you that company you can see your future in.


You trust me, I trust you – Getting you the job you can really see yourself in for the long haul as well as one that will enhance both your standing and the businesses standing is the end result I want to ensure for the people I work with. It really is about making a difference that means something more to you than simply your next move. In order to do this, we have to work collaboratively and really ensure that the understanding of expectations, desires, aspirations and drivers are aligned to both individuals and businesses.

​I spend a considerable amount of time communicating with and taking time getting to know the people I work with. Therefore it is important I gain mutual commitment from you to defined outcomes quite early on in the process of finding you your next role. Trusting me to deliver these defined outcomes and me trusting that you are as committed as I am is essential to success. This is the only way I am able to make sure the next move is the right move and one that offers what you aspire to become.

​Once there is a certainty of understanding your aspirations, I will reiterate in order to be certain and then the planning can start. My remit is to secure work opportunities using the knowledge gleaned for the best alliance. I look at companies in the market place that are best aligned with your expectations of a business, the current status quo, the challenges, the career trajectory and if or how you might be able to capitalise on such opportunities.

I work closely with you to ensure the companies sourced are ones you wish to pursue and filter out any that may not fit, keeping you fully informed throughout the process. Our relationship has to be one of complete trust, understanding and mutual respect.

​There will be regular contact and updates on circumstances and situations and, I can guarantee I will never shy away from making contact or avoiding calls if you need to discuss or gain clarity on anything.

​Be assured if you are putting your career in my hands, I need to be confident I can deliver expectations and I will be honest enough to advise if I cant.

The Process

Working with you at every stage – Once an opportunity that aligns with your aspirations is sourced, I will work very closely with you to ensure your planning and preparation is robust and your knowledge of the role, expectations, key personnel and company is sound. I will guide you through the interview process, both before and after each stage. I will answer any questions you may have or require prior or post interview and be a strong conduit between you and the company so that you are confident that if it gets to offer stage, any move will be the right one.

All stages of any particular recruitment campaign will be as detailed and thorough as the next. Nothing is left to chance when I have your career in my hands. You will feel supported and in safe hands throughout.

​We can meet or talk over the phone as many or as few times as deemed necessary to ensure you are comfortable with the process and at every stage. We are ultimately in it together and be assured that we both want the best outcomes for your future.

​With recruitment at this level we can’t always expect favourable outcomes. Feedback when things don’t go the way we both hope will ‘always’ be given. The aim is to get something positive out of a negative outcome wherever possible so that you can improve and hone your interview skill to ensure delivery of your message is clear during the recruitment phase.

​If things don’t have a positive outcome and a job offer isn’t received, my role is to seek out other companies that fit your desires and aim to generate further work opportunities that deliver the potential for positive outcomes.

The Results

Ensuring a smooth transition – Unlike some recruiters or consultants you may experience, I don’t leave you to it once we’ve found you the right job opportunity. The successful conclusion to job hunting is to me the start of a new chapter for you. Once an offer has been made to you I ensure everything is in writing and formalised details of the offer and remuneration is provided, along with any other pertinent information.

​I will work closely with you throughout. From helping with resignation letters to supporting you through your notice period, pre start on boarding clarification and anything else that helps ensure the smoothest transition into your new position. I know that the early stages of any new role can be the most challenging as there is so much to take in, from understanding systems and procedures, new ways of working, new faces, new teams… the list goes on. I am here to support that transition and will keep in contact with you to help alleviate any niggles, allay any question marks and be your sounding board if you need an intermediary.

I make contact at the end of your first month and the end of your first three or six months dependant on your personal preference. We can be here as much or as little as you need. Any questions, concerns, issues or clarity, I am here for you from start to finish and hopefully as you transition from candidate to client I can once again work with you to support company and individual growth.

Your next move

If you just have a passive interest in what opportunities are out there or want to get on my radar for either now or in the future, (however far in advance that might be) contact me for a confidential conversation. Neither of us have anything to lose except few moments of time – there just might be plenty to gain.