Retained recruitment is a more secure, focused and ultimately successful form of recruitment. Provided on an ongoing basis, as your retained recruiter you feel the benefit of close working collaboration, market place insight, strong candidate networks and the security of confidentiality when recruiting senior/strategic hires within your business.

As a retained recruiter I have more time to dedicate to the successful outcomes of your business needs and am able to gain a better understanding of your business, your culture and your future plans, whilst delivering the highest level of service and outcomes in order to facilitate your business goals.

Why Choose Retained Recruitment?

This boutique approach is the ideal solution for the top-end of the recruitment market, where potential candidates aren’t always looking for a new job and tend to be more passive in the jobs market. In the rarefied atmosphere of big salaries, bigger benefits and massive levels of responsibility, discretion is essential. At First Executive Recruitment we go out of our way to ensure that confidentiality is maintained. We maintain a large, informal network which is invaluable to your business and allows you the opportunity to broaden the scope of choice when recruiting a senior, strategic hire.

As your Retained Recruiter each prospective candidate is thoroughly researched and approached on your behalf. By the time we are through with the intricacies of what we do, all that’s left for you to do is carry out the final interviews.

Reduce time to hire

Always have the upper hand with a dedicated specialists who understands your requirements and leads throughout the recruitment process.

Reduce cost to hire

By partnering with us an industry expert, you are guaranteed to save on the cost of hire against traditional routes.

Better culture fit

We inherit your company values so we are best placed to identify candidates that are the right fit for the long term.

Enhanced rebate period

We are so confident we can find the right people that we offer an extended rebate period.

Video interviewing

We can utilise an interviewing platform with set questioning in order to help your decision making process.

Talent pooling

We get ahead of the game by creating highly engaged candidate pools for future vacancies.


First Executive do not poach candidates from the clients we work with and we do not entice previously placed individuals from the clients we work with. Lasting client relationships are as critical to our business as they are to yours.


As your retained recruiter we work exclusively to get you the results you need and the people you want. You are assured that we exercise consideration, confidentiality and due diligence in sourcing your ideal candidate.