Establishing a relationship, understanding your business, being able to identify exactly the right candidate and confidentiality is key to our mutual success and on-going relationship.

That is how we have built a reputation for providing the very best service in Executive Recruitment. Our process works for clients who want an Executive Recruitment Partner that gets to know the business well and works alongside both company and candidate throughout the whole process.


Planning is crucial for a successful outcome during the Retained Executive Recruitment process. Once terms are agreed and the initial retainer processed, I immediately arrange some time on site to speak with senior and relevant personnel. This is paramount in order to better understand the culture, the people I’ll be working with and the environment in which the successful candidate will be working in. I’ll need time with the CEO or chief decision maker to understand the further intricacies of the role, how the position has come to be and what they expect from the person when appointed and in situ.

Spending time with other senior personnel in your business will help me get a broad picture of the company and ensure I get the best fit for your company. I look at past performance and company growth over the last few years, changes in board/senior personnel, why and what impact it has had. Then I look at the job description and make sure it aligns with my findings. Making relevant recommendations if required.

I also look at your existing recruitment and interview process and ensure it best fits the role you are recruiting for. Again, making any recommendations. Where applicable I look at any profiling that is bench marked in the business and will use the same profiling tools for the successful hire of your key personnel. This suits many of my retained clients and enables me to align my services with your own processes, ensuring that as your recruitment partner, I become a seamless addition to your own business model and ultimately a trusted advisor.

Once this initial process has been thoroughly undertaken, I will then put a project plan in place to ensure that as my client, you understand what will happen and when. Once agreed, it will then be used as our joint timeline for progress.

This process is trusted and tested by many of my clients and forms part of the ‘deep dive’ and preparation that is required at this level of Executive Search Recruitment. All my clients go through this process which lays the foundations for an ultimate successful conclusion and can never be underestimated.

The Process

What happens during the assignment and the process?

Once the above has been agreed I start to utilise my network and filter candidates through the process. This includes key sectors, industries and target areas on which to focus and may include individuals you have identified as persons of interest.

Market mapping is essential at this point in order to ensure we identify who is IN the market, not just those that are ON it. My network and relationships built over the years really is invaluable to the clients I work with at this stage.

Why? Because across the board, 75% of candidates are typically passive, this means that only 25% will respond to relevant advertising, no matter where you advertise. My established networks and relationships are therefore integral to the successful wider selection of high quality candidates.

For each retained Executive Recruitment role, I produce an initial long list of candidates and conduct first stage telephone interviews to ascertain base level suitability for your role. Those that meet the previously defined criteria are then met by myself, face to face. From the agreed process at planning stage each candidate undertakes a rigorous interview process which will also include some pre-arranged questions which form part of the feedback process and may also include any relevant profiling tools if applicable and if the candidate is successful in reaching the next stage of the recruitment process. Each candidate works to specific timelines to ensure commitment and controlled timings throughout.


I am in communication with you throughout the process in order to keep you informed and updated on progress. Once I have interviewed my long list and face to face interviewed my shortlist, I then present you with a refined shortlist for interview and the key reasons they have been selected. Interviews are then arranged with the relevant Senior Personnel within the company.

Communication is key at every stage of this recruitment process with both you as my client as well as the senior candidates I am working with. Both command respect, professionalism, diligence and openness and this is paramount throughout the whole process. Both my clients and candidates are kept informed and updated and understand what is required throughout the Executive Search and Selection process.

The Results

Once a suitable individual is found and subsequently accepts an offer from your company, my job is to then manage the offer process in full and right up until the person starts their new role with you. HR are often involved at this stage and I work as closely as needed to ensure a smooth transition.

Working as your Recruitment partner I will manage everything to ensure there is continuity with the senior decision maker and candidate. Full package details are confirmed and agreed in writing, start dates, relocation packages (if required), benefits and more are confirmed and also agreed. My role as your Executive Recruitment Partner is to keep all parties close right up until day one when they begin in their new role with your company.

​After this, I will maintain agreed interval contact to ensure progress is being made and all parties are moving forward at the anticipated rate and results are encouraging.