I provide on site consultancy services to advise, guide and fully support SME businesses like yours, through a recruitment process so that you hire the right person, or people into your business.

Why? Because recruiting and hiring staff can be a daunting task for any organisation, and for a small to medium-sized business (SME), the challenges can be even more significant.

Attracting the right calibre – filtering the right people – asking the right questions – making the best decisions – sounds easier than it is.

Do you need some guidance and support so that you choose well and at the same time, build your company’s outward profile and reputation?

If this is you, I can help.

My dedicated consultancy service is designed to address all your recruitment-related issues with precision and professionalism.

  • Creating a compelling job description
  • Writing job adverts
  • Embedding a recruitment process
  • Help to support retention initiatives
  • Screening and selection
  • Tailored interview questions
  • Involved in the interviewing process
  • Providing interview feedback (good and bad)
  • Making offers
    Onboarding support
    Ongoing evaluation

Recruitment Challenges for SMEs in Manufacturing

Talent Acquisition

Finding skilled workers who match your specific needs.


Keeping your top talent in a competitive market.

Hiring Process

Inefficiencies that don’t always get the best out of the interview process.


Navigating complex employment laws and regulations.

Resource Constraints

Limited time and budget for extensive recruitment processes.

Cultural Fit

Ensuring new hires integrate seamlessly into your company culture

Time & Cost

The loss of time and ultimate financial implications of getting recruitment wrong.

How My Experience Can Benefit You

With three decades of experience in the recruitment sector, I bring a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities you can face when recruiting staff. My proven strategies and insights will help you:

Identify Talent: How to attract the right people into your business with strong Job descriptions, adverts and shortlisting.
Enhance Retention: Implementing effective retention strategies to keep your workforce stable.
Interviewing: Interviewing alongside you to ensure objectivity.
Ensure Compliance: Guiding you through the latest employment laws and best practices.
Maximise Efficiency: Streamlining your recruitment process to save time and resources for imminent and future recruitment.
Build a Cohesive Team: Helping you find candidates who align with your company values and culture.
Save Time & Costs: Repeatable, robust systems in place for future hires and vastly reduced odds of the time it takes to replace a bad hire.

Professional Consultancy Fees: £500 day rate

Invest in your company’s future with expert recruitment consultancy services at a competitive rate of £500 per day. I keep my day rate low because I know how important costs are to an SME business, and working with SME’s where I can add considerable value that will last beyond my time there is where I thrive.

My tailored approach ensures that each solution is customised to meet your specific needs, ensuring optimal results.

Get Started Today

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I will get back to you promptly to discuss how I can elevate your recruitment process and drive your business forward with the right talent.

Make your recruitment process seamless and efficient with the guidance of a seasoned expert.

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Helping businesses build their future workforce

About me

I am a highly experienced recruiter with 30 years of knowledge relating to hiring, finding talent, asking the right questions, understanding motives, making offers and have an eye (and ear) for spotting the better ones out there.

I have visited over 2,500 businesses throughout my career and discussed everything from recruitment challenges and needs, how to write compelling job adverts and job descriptions, reputation management, attracting the right sort of person, building skills and training provisions, right through to letting people go in the best way.

Having worked with corporate organisations through to 10 employee businesses, I have found my sweet spot to be the SME business community. Here I feel as though I can add the most value and positive impact.

I am also multi-award winning (including recognition in the Financial Times top UK recruiters report 2024 – not an award that can be bought, it is reputational). I am also a Non-Executive Director of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation, which is the UK recruitment industry’s governing body and served nearly five years as the local President, representing the Stockport business community for the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce.

I am a very normal, personable and down to earth person who is professional, has a strong work ethic and am someone who cares deeply about making a difference to people’s lives, whilst helping companies build forward by hiring the right staff.
I have an excellent track record of success with my clients and an exceptional repeat business rate. I rarely fail to fulfil a need and do not let people down.

It is important to remember that recruitment is a ‘two-way street’. The potential employer must want the potential employee, but the potential employee must also want the potential employer. Both parties have to make sure they market themselves in the right and best way for the partnership to be a strong one.

On a personal level, I have a wonderful son, live in Stockport (South Manchester) and have had my own small business since 2009. I love shoes, good food and holidays (not necessarily in that order) and am chair of the SMBC Climate Acton Business Forum as sustainability and the circular economy is high on my agenda.
I am proud to extend my expertise to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).